Solo and Breeo Owners

We receive many questions from customers regarding which model Heat Warden Heat Deflector works best on their Solo and Breeo? 

The best way to answer is that it depends on a few factors including what model and size stove do you have? Do you have a "surround" (bricks, blocks, or table around the outside of your stove? Are you handy?

For most sizes of stoves, the legs of the deflector will be on the outside of the stove and sit on the ground. You will want to order the Camper model which measures 42" diagonally at the "feet" of the legs and will fit over your stove. The clearance between the top of the stove may be a bit closer than desired on some size stoves. The clearance between the top of the Bonfire to the Heat Deflector will be 7". The Yukon will be 5" so you may wish to place a decorative block under each leg to raise it a bit.

With 30" stoves or stoves with a "surround" you will want to order the Fire Pit model which measures 31" diagonally at the "feet" of the legs. In this case the legs will sit on the edge of the stove or on the "surround". This will put the deflector approximately 13" above your stove. 

Lastly, some customers have made some simple brackets out of common hardware found at your local hardware store. These brackets allow the Fire Pit model to sit on the edge of your stove by extending the "feet" to fit stove diameters that are less than 30"- 31" or more than that. I have included some pics of the brackets below.

Below are the "specs" for both the Fire Pit Deflector and the Camper Deflector.

Models available: Fire Pit Premium Heat Deflector & Camper Premium Heat Deflector

Height:: Fire Pit Premium Heat Deflector 13" opened, 3" collapsed             

Camper Premium Heat Deflector 23" opened, 4" collapsed

Deflector Width: Stainless steel heat deflector 24" (Both models)

Legs Width: Fire pit Premium Heat Deflector legs 24” apart / 31" diagonally       

                     Camper Premium Heat Deflector legs 31" apart/ 42" diagonally

Be sure to check the specs above carefully before ordering to insure proper fit. If in doubt shoot me an email:




Bracket on "foot":