4 Models available: Heat Warden Premium ROUND, SQUARE, RECTANGLE, & CAMPING. Heat Warden Heat Deflectors are made of 18 gauge 304 AMERICAN stainless steel, THE BEST stainless steel for high heat use.

Dimensions and weight:

ROUND Fire pit Heat Deflector 26"diameter X 12"H (3" folded) 12lbs.

SQUARE Fire pit Heat Deflector 24" X 24" X 12"H (3"H folded) 12lbs.

RECTANGLE Fire pit/table Heat Deflector 32" X 16" X 12"H (3"H folded) 12lbs.

CAMPING Heat Deflector 24" X 24" X 24"H (5" folded) 15lbs 

Square Fire Pit Heat Deflector works great with both round and square fire pits. Heat Warden Heat Deflectors arrive FULLY ASSEMBLED from the USA.               

Legs Width at base : 

ROUND Heat Deflector legs 20" apart / 28" diagonally

SQUARE Heat Deflector legs 23” apart / 32 3/4" diagonally

RECTANGLE Heat Deflector 31" and 15" 

CAMPING Heat Deflector legs 29" apart/ 42" diagonally.

Legs can be reversed by simply squeezing together and reversing them at base and reinserting. By reversing them the "feet" of the legs will be approximately 2" closer together than the above measurements. Legs are not adjustable.

Square Side Shields for Square and Camping Models: Width 20 1/2" X Height 12" Weight 4lbs.                                                                                             Back Shield for Rectangle Model: Width 28" X Height 12" Weight 6lbs.    Side Shields for Rectangle Model: Width 11 1/2" X Height 12" Weight 2lbs each (Sold in Pairs). Money saving "Bundles" available.

Easily attach with two existing outside screws. Some customers (including myself) invert these screws so that the threads are on top. By doing so, the shields slide on and off effortlessly.. 

Solo Stove Yukon Owners will need to invert screws as mentioned so that the Side Shields have enough clearance over your Yukon. Solo Stove customers: The legs of the Camper Premium Heat Deflector will sit on the ground outside your Bonfire or Yukon. The clearance between the top of the Bonfire to the Heat Deflector will be 7". The Yukon will be 5". 

Please be sure Heat Deflector will fit before ordering. If in doubt shoot me an email: markred@verizon.net or text me at (716) 491-6628, I normally respond within the hour :)

Warm wishes, Mark