Tips for even more heat

I thought I would pass on some advice that I gave to a customer today.

The first is don’t be afraid to turn the flame up. Especially if you have a lower BTU (50,000) fire pit. The Heat Warden Heat Deflector can take it!

Secondly wind will effect the results. We recommend our NEW Side Shields on breezy evenings in order to "capture" more heat. Each Side Shield will increase the amount of retained heat by approximately 25%. Three Side Shields are the best value and will retain approximately 75%. This is best when only one, two, or three people are sitting in front of the fire pit.

Another great item that we don’t sell but can be found online are ceramic fire logs. They look real and create a great deal of radiant heat and effect like wood logs. I think I bought 8 for about $60.  

Plus the longer the fire pit is on, the more radiant heat it produces via what’s in the pit and the Heat Warden itself.

Lastly, if it’s very cold outside it won’t appear to have much of an effect. The Heat Warden is a three season product for Spring, Summer, and Fall for those in the East. For those out West and down South enjoy year round!

Warm wishes,